New Paddler Events in Kansas City

New paddler

Learn to use your new kayak and SUP while having a great time at lakes, rivers and creeks around Kansas City! The fastest and easiest way to get up to speed is to attend our Paddle KC paddling club events for new paddlers, and to paddle with experienced kayakers, paddleboarders and canoeists. Join Paddle KC for lots of both! We paddle over 100 times a year, with all experience levels and a wide range of interests. Start with leisure paddles, clinics and relaxed outings, and build your comfort level and skills over our season of varied activities.

You’ll learn faster and enjoy your kayak, SUP or canoe more, you’ll save money and headaches with tips shared, and you’ll make new friends along the way. Paddle KC hosts many spring and summer events that are perfect for new paddlers (and also experienced paddlers as well)! During cold water season (fall through spring), events on the water require experience but new paddlers are welcome at indoor and on-land events.

Many of our local events include informal skills and safety lessons, with practicing on the water as we explore. We add new activities regularly, so sign up early to get a spot at events of interest. We love including kids and dogs at many events, and welcome diversity.

Examples of New Paddler Events in Kansas City with Paddle KC

  • New Paddler “Quick Start” Clinics
  • Loading & Tie Down Show & Tell
  • Annual Pimp My Kayak DIY Upgrades & Cookout
  • Spring Paddling Kickoff – Kayak, SUP, Canoe!
  • Leisure Paddles
  • Monday Night Paddles
  • WenesDAYs On The Water
  • FriDAYs On The Water
  • SUP Skills Sessions
  • Paddlesports Safety Events
  • Yoga and Paddle
  • Full Moon Paddles
  • Safety and Rescue Skills Practice
  • Family Camping & Paddling
  • July 4th Fireworks On The Water

Additional Events for Experienced Paddlers

  • Workout Paddles (7-12 Miles)
  • Buffalo National River Kayak & Hiking Weekend
  • MR340 River Race Prep Sessions
  • River Rescue & Safety Course
  • Sea Kayaking Symposiums
  • Demo Days – Surfskis and Greenland Paddles
  • Multi-day Riverbank Camping Trips
  • Local Winter Paddling Events

See additional events on our full Paddle KC paddling club calendar.


(See You On The Water)