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Paddling Film Festival for Kayakers, Paddleboarders, Canoeists, and Rafters

Stream outstanding films at any time, from the comfort of your home! If you love watching films about paddling that inspire, educate, inform and entertain, check out the fantastic virtual Paddling Film Festival. Each Program includes multiple unique films grouped by topics relating to lakes, rivers and oceans or grouped by focus on adventures, adrenaline or voices in paddlesports. Stream titles online whenever you’re ready for beautiful films.

Paddling Movies and Documentaries for Online Rental

ADVENTURE Paddling Films

What does adventure mean to you? For the stars of the Adventure 2022 virtual program, it’s canoeing the first recorded descent of a little-known river in Northern Quebec’s remote polar tundra; and the risks of whitewater kayaking with crocodiles on class V endangered river. Adventure is the burning curiosity keeping us sea kayaking. Adventure can also be found in the mundane tasks of everyday life, like a four-day commute to work kayaking down a forgotten childhood river. The Adventure 2022 virtual program includes three hours of entertainment and seven of the best paddling films of the year.

ADRENALINE Paddling Films

The Adrenaline 2022 virtual program showcases paddlers exploring the edge of their skills while pushing the limits of what is possible in kayaks, canoes and rafts. Aniol Serrasolses takes us whitewater kayaking over jaw-dropping 60-foot waterfalls in the land of fire and ice. Go sea kayaking and fight the internal battles we face when challenged by something filling us with the sense of pure excitement. These are the heart-thumping moments we crave and fear. Then there are uncomfortable moments of anxiety necessary to push us past bigger challenges like ensuring the paddling industry is more inclusive. The Adrenaline 2022 virtual program gets your pulse racing with these 11 breathtaking films.

VOICES of Paddlesports Paddling Films

The Voices 2022 virtual program could also have been called People, Culture or Stories. These 11 inspiring films are the voices of real people putting paddling at the core of their lives. One award-winning documentary is the journey of the incredibly strong entrepreneur leading the way within the male-dominated packrafting industry. Another shares the story of a 90-year old Balanise canoe fisherman cleaning the ocean of plastic pollution and fighting to keep his traditional way of life. And on a lighter note, there’s always time between rapids in the Grand Canyon for joking and celebrating traditional wooden boats in another film. The Voices 2022 virtual program has more than two hours of enlightening films about real people who care.


Rental fees range from $15 to $18.50 for multiple films and hours of entertainment. Title rentals are good for 10 days.


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