4 Excellent Inflatable Kayak Alternatives

Inflatable Kayak Alternatives

4 Excellent Inflatable Kayak Alternatives

If you’re looking for excellent inflatable kayak alternatives, or for quality kayaks for traveling by vehicle or plane, check out these options. All offer the convenience of compact indoor storage and transport in a large bag. You save the cost of racks and transport systems and storage setup system, and can take your kayak traveling.

ORU Kayaks A range of kayaks for every type of paddling, from entry level leisure paddles to sea kayaking expeditions. Many Paddle KC members use these excellent “origami” kayaks, and they are a great match for lakes and flatwater rivers without sharp submerged debris. They are not a good match for Ozark rivers where you might bounce off rocks or scrape on trees.

Pakayak Kayaks. Modular plastic kayak that stacks together to pack inside a bag. This is a great quality recreational and touring kayak with closed bulkheads for greater safety. Performs like a standard touring kayak. Members have used these at our Paddle KC events and they are a fantastic option for portability and indoor storage. These kayaks are a good match for both flatwater and light rapids like Class I or low Class II. They might work for livelier water, but I’d check with Pakayak about that.

Trak Kayaks. Great high performance, customizable touring and sea kayak with active user community and educational resources. Trak kayaks are a great match for lakes, big rivers (like the Missouri River), and “big water” like the Great Lakes and coastal or ocean destinations. These are an excellent inflatable kayak alternative.


Point 65 Tequila GTX Kayak  Tandem sit on top kayak that works great for recreational paddles with kids or dogs. Super durable, super easy to put modular sections in your vehicle for transport, or stack at home for storage. Their Solo Modular Kayak is also a nice portable kayak. These modular kayaks are not going to be the speediest option on the water, but are very durable and a great kayak that can be carried inside a vehicle and stored in a closet. They are a great match for any of our Paddle KC leisure paddles.


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