3 Comfortable Kayak Seat Cushions

Kayak Seat Cushions Add Extra Comfort

If you spend much time in your kayak, canoe or surfski, you realize how helpful it is to have comfortable seating on long paddles. Even kayaks and surfskis with comfortable seats can be improved with appropriate padding. As we are preparing for an upcoming race, I’m reminded of how much I appreciate the seat pads I use. Following are several recommended upgrades to help keep you comfortable longer.

Comfortable AND Colorful Hornet Watersports Kayak Seat Cushion

  • Non-slip, padded comfort
  • Cool colorful sea turtle print graphic
  • Floats!
  • Carrying strap


Gel Honeycomb Kayak, Canoe or Stadium Seat Pad

  • Honeycomb gel cushion design with air flow
  • Non-slip, rubbery comfort pad
  • Includes optional black cloth cover


Heavy Duty Inflatable Seat Cushion

  • Wheelchair cushion suitable for long-distance endurance paddling like the MR340 River Race or Alabama 650 River Race
  • Good option for back pain, or to avoid sore spots
  • Adjustable cushioning level
  • Includes optional black cloth cover



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