Recommended: Pogies for Kayaking

NRS Mamba Pogies for kayaking

We’ll be sharing occasional recommendations for favorite paddling gear that we find indispensible based on hands-on experience.

First recommendation is for the oven mit of paddling – POGIES! These alternatives to kayaking gloves are super warm and are a must-have for cold weather paddling. Open the velcro end and wrap it around your paddle shaft, then insert your hand into the pogie to hold your paddle. These are windproof, waterproof, and surprisingly warm. Add a light glove for extra insulation, or use them without another layer.

NRS Mamba Pogies


NRS Mamba Pogies for kayaking

Stohlquist Toaster Pogies

Stohlquist Toaster Pogies for kayaking


You’ll see pogies being used at most of our cold water paddles from fall through spring.


For additional ideas on cold water paddling gear, join us Monday, Oct 26 for our Cold Water Paddling Show & Tell.

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