Kansas City Boat Permits for Kayaks, Sups, Canoes

If you paddle in the Kansas City area (Missouri OR Kansas) it’s important to be aware of legally-required Kansas City boat permits for non-motorized boats (kayak, paddleboards, canoes). As a Paddle KC member you don’t need to research on your own because each of our events on our Paddle KC calendar lists any kayak, SUP and canoe permit requirements as well as lighting requirements if it’s a sunrise or evening paddle. We paddle many local spots that do not require permits, but that limits your options dramatically so we highly recommend purchasing permits for areas of interest.

In this Kansas City area, permit requirements vary by county and municipality. The list below gives local permits. We highly recommend purchasing permits for both Johnson County, Kansas, and Jackson County, Missouri, because both counties have excellent paddling options that we visit often.

Buy your Kansas City boat permits for kayaks, SUPs and canoes at park offices, marinas, or locations listed on the park websites. The fees support and maintain these parks that we all enjoy. For the same cost of a dinner out for one or two people, you receive access to a full year of fun, relaxation, exercise, and good times on the water!

Apply your boat permit stickers to the front top left side of your kayak, SUP or canoe, in a flat spot where it is easily visible from the side by water patrol on land or on the water. Always clean and dry your kayak surface first. If your boat or board surface is textured, you may need to do a super light sanding to ensure the sticker adheres well.

Read the details on this Kansas City Paddling Permits list for kayaks, paddleboards and canoes to make sure you meet legal requirements. Lake patrol WILL usually issue tickets for paddling without a permit, for not having a life jacket onboard, and for not having required night lights for night paddles. Some county lakes, like Jackson County lakes of Lake Jacomo, Longview Lake and Blue Springs Lake, have unique lighting requirements and paddleboard seasonal requirements. Others, like Wyandotte County Lake, close to all paddlers for winter season.


Kansas City Boat Permits for Kayaks, SUPs, Canoes

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