Kayaking With Goats

Kansas City Kayaking with Goats

Goat Floating Beats Dog Paddling

Paddle KC paddling club has hosted several Goat Floats in past years and we’ve had a great time with these amazing animals. Goats love kayaking, canoeing and paddleboarding! They truly are the Greatest Of All Time when it comes to whitewater paddling requiring fast reflexes and maneuvering. They also “bring the party” to an after-paddling bonfire. Join us at Paddle KC paddling club events and bring your goat, dog, cat, hedgehog, or whatever furry family member – we welcome diversity! No llamas – too much spitting. Lifevests required, of course.

Happy April Fools, paddling friends!

And yes, we have hosted several actual Goat Floats that were SO MUCH FUN!!! Check the photos (only visible to Paddle KC members).