Why Join Paddle KC, Kansas City Paddling Club

If you’re looking for paddling near Kansas City, join Paddle KC! Paddle KC paddling club is all about enjoying fun paddling activities, learning paddling skills and safety, and growing new friendships over shared experiences on the water. If you kayak, paddleboard, canoe, or surfski in the Kansas City area (Kansas AND Missouri), join us to make the most of paddling season – which can be every month of the year! 

Why join Paddle KC Paddling Club?

Frequent paddling near Kansas City and beyond

Paddle KC hosts regular paddling activities on waterways in Kansas City area (Missouri AND Kansas) and travel destinations. As a Paddle KC member, you’ll receive invitations to every event, and have the opportunity to experience all the best paddling places in our area – including little-known spots and prime times based on years of paddling experiences! Make the most of your paddling gear investment by joining us to paddle regularly.

Group paddles at a variety of times

Paddle KC offers paddling activities for kayakers, paddleboarders and canoeists on weekends, weeknights, weekdays, sunsets, sunrises, overnight, multi-days, and every season! Try different events and figure out what you love most, and what works with your schedule and interests. Huge THANK YOUs to our fantastic Event Hosts who volunteer their time and efforts to host activities for all of us to enjoy.


Try new things and adventurous activities for a couple hours, a weekend, or a bucket list trip!


As a member of Paddle KC, you’re part of a friendly, inclusive, supportive community of fellow paddlers. You’ll make new friends, share your passion for paddling and outdoor fun, and learn from others while connecting over shared adventures. Sign up for events, show up, and connect with new friends!

Paddle KC is an American Canoe Association (ACA) Paddle America Club (PAC), so in addition to our local paddling community, you’ll gain additional information, opportunities and benefits through our involvement in the larger ACA paddlesports community across the country.

Learning opportunities for all skill levels

Learn while you paddle! Paddle KC provides skills and safety training informally during paddles, as well as in workshops, and at ACA training sessions with certified instructors. Whether you just bought your first boat or board, or have years of experience, you will find opportunities for growth. The more you learn, the more fun you’ll have paddling! If you’re a certified instructor, join us to participate in our training activities!

Social events

In addition to paddling near Kansas City, plus trips and classes, Paddle KC also organizes social events throughout the year. From happy hours to bonfire dinners to holiday get-togethers, our social events are a great way to connect with other members of the club and have fun off the water.

Health benefits

Paddling is good for the mind, body and soul! Whether relaxing at our leisure paddles, or going the distance on long explorations, or getting exercise on workout paddles, or floating a splashy river, or soaking up a full moon while pontooned up in a group – paddling activities and socializing have a positive impact on your health. We offer lots of options and lots of different times, to help you stay active outdoors with a friendly group.

Gear demos and recommendations

Paddle KC hosts occasional Demo Days and members are usually happy to allow others to try out their boat or board at any event, or to talk about favorite gear like paddles, life jackets, transport systems, and accessories. Participating in demos and gear swaps at events helps you get a feel for what works best for you, and helps you avoid wasting money on things that you find aren’t a good fit for you.


Paddle KC takes safety seriously so we walk our talk of following recommended paddlesport safety practices. This includes wearing life jackets on the water, dressing for water temperatures, sharing basic safety skills, and having a plan and safety gear in case of emergency. We plan ahead to minimize the odds of things going wrong, so we can relax and have a great time.

Environmental stewardship

Paddle KC is committed to conservation and environmental stewardship. We host and participate in waterway cleanups, follow Leave No Trace principles, and support organizations working to preserve and protect natural resources. You’ll have a great time while doing good!


Paddle KC offers family memberships (includes mother, father, kids), to encourage families to come out to enjoy events together. One family member joins, then we manually add the other immediate family members to that membership. Kids are welcome at most events! Dogs, too! Cats are welcome but seldom interested (ha).


Last but tops on our list, Paddle KC is just plain fun! Our first goal is always to have a good time, and make the most of our time together.


As a member of Paddle KC, you’ll have access to all of these benefits and more. See our Paddle KC paddling club calendar for regular updates, and follow us on facebook and instagram for useful and fun info. 


If you’re a paddler in the Kansas City area,  join us
to enjoy fun activities every month of the year,
get exercise and relax, and meet new people.


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