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Kayak, paddleboard and canoe events, and events of interest to paddlers and Paddle KC members.

Virtual Paddling Film Fest

Paddling Film Festival for Kayakers, Paddleboarders, Canoeists, and Rafters Stream outstanding films at any time, [...]

Kayaking With Goats

Goat Floating Beats Dog Paddling Paddle KC paddling club has hosted several Goat Floats in [...]

Pool Sessions for Kayakers in Kansas City Area

Pool Sessions for Kayakers Learn and practice paddling and safety skills at Paddle KC paddling [...]

Fun Paddling Events with Paddle KC Paddling Club

So Many Paddling Events in 2021! We’ve shared so many fantastic experiences over this year, [...]

Free Cold Water Paddling Clinic in Kansas City

Learn Cold Water Paddling Tips Join us Sunday October 10 at 12:30pm to learn how [...]

New Paddler Events in Kansas City

Learn to use your new kayak and SUP while having a great time at lakes, [...]

Fun Winter Kayaking and Canoeing Around Kansas City

Winter Kayaking and Canoeing Near Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas) While our Paddle KC paddling [...]